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What is VLT?

VLT, Visible Light Transmittance, is a reading of visible light or other light translucent into the car. JPJ will check VLT’s to see your tinted car pass or not. The less VLT percentage, the darker the mirror will be. If the Tinted dark rate is 70%, the VLT (Light-Through Rate) is 30% VLT only.

What is IRR?

IRR or Infra Red Rejection refers to the amount of heat coming in. If you want tinted that can cut a lot of heat, choose a tinted that records a high IRR value. Less hotter if the parking lot is sunny then.

What is UV?

Ultra Violet (UV) is a part of the electromagnetic wave spectra of the sun. UV rays may have negative effects on the skin or eyes. Women are particularly concerned about this UV effect, especially on the skin. High SPF reading is said to reduce the negative effects on the skin. Look at the UV percentage recorded. The higher the percentage of UV, the better the tinted. We offer a tinted 99% UV bg of all tinted types. If you notice a car that does not install Tinted sure Dashboard stuff in the car looks shabby, that’s the handle due to UV rays.

Want darker window?

Refer VLT percentage.

Want cooler car during hot days?

Refer IRR percentage.

Want skin and eye protection?

Refer UV percentage.

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